A Charming and Delightful Reminder to Never Give Up on Yourself

Greg Naughton’s The Independents is acharming and delightful reminder to never give up on yourself. This musical comedy/drama is filled with wonderful music, unlikely friendships, and unbelievable coincidences. Having done most of my growing up in Nashville, this is a story that is extremely familiar and very relatable. Everyone here does or has done music and has at least one friend that dabbles in it in some way. Nevertheless, the overarching meaning of this story isn’t exclusive to just music. This film is for anyone that has ever had a dream and when things didn’t go as planned, you thought about giving up. It’s for those who are chasing their dreams but are being told to be more realistic or you won’t make it. And it’s for those who are thinking about having one more go at it because you’ll regret it if you don’t. Moreover, this story spoke directly to me in a very unexpected way.

While some may feel that the coincidences are farfetched, I can assure you that many aspects of my own life have played out in very similar ways; especially while on this writing path I have been traversing. Starring real-life bandmates of the folk trio, The Sweet Remains, the chemistry is very authentic as do the comedic and touching moments. The vast majority of the music that pleasantly propagates throughout the film is by the band and not only displays their talent but adds validity to the story’s importance. The Independents is a melodically fun watch which I enjoyed. Its rewatchability is medium-high


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